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If President Obama is reelected and not impeached,
it will be the fault of American conservatives.

A Conservative Blockade 

     My name is Bob Gard. I am the author of ON GARD, OBAMA, YOU ARE AN UNCONSTITUTIONAL PRESIDENT BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT A NATURAL-BORN CITIZEN, WHICH I SHALL PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.  This 1,722 page eBook is available at I swear upon my honor that I accomplished the claim that is a part of my book’s title.

      The leading conservative individuals, organizations and foundations are ostensibly committed to showing President Obama the way out through the back door of the White House, but they are completely brainwashed about the practical use of one methodproving that he is an unconstitutional president by virtue of the presidential eligibility clause in the U.S. Constitution.

In my book, I informed the reader on page 41-42:

I must confess that I have sadly discovered, after many emails and telephone inquiries directed to famous news commentators, conservative radio and television talk-show hosts, conservative constitutional lawyers, national conservative political analysts, best-selling conservative authors who claim to want nothing more than a one-term presidency for Obama, many conservative foundations and organizations, one potential presidential candidate, three actual presidential candidates, the Republican Party, conservative Super PACs, a plethora of individuals who claim to be birthers, the Speaker of the House, and five branches of the Tea Party including the Tea Party Express, that none are interested in what I have to say. Was the reason they snubbed me that I was forthright in my wish to make some money to offset the $30,000 I spent to buy books spanning five centuries? The federal tax laws require that I make money from the books I purchased before I can take them off as deductions. Was it that the conservatives feared the favorite Democratic tool of political correctness and the Democrats’ favorite epithet of racist so much they ran and hid? Were the conservatives so brain-washed by progressives and liberals to believe that the presidential eligibility clause stood in the way of globalization and should be changed anyway to include almost everyone? Were conservatives convinced that natural-born was indeed the same as native-born? Were they put off by my demand that they sign a nondisclosure agreement before they hear what I had to offer? This way they wouldn’t have to pay for something they didn’t think was worth anything, but I would still come away with the protection that they could not legally divulge my results until I was ready.

        I became frustrated. I held my tongue and remained civil with most of the responders. There was one very famous fellow, Karl Rove, who kept repeating that there was no need to know what I had researched because no court had ever sided with the definition of natural-born citizen that I expounded.
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